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Monday, April 19, 2004

Lash to the Back!

My WWE Backlash PPV report is up! Good show with two fun main events. My PPV predictions for the show are 5-2-1, the 1 being the last minute La Resistance VS Helms/Rosey match. So my total record for 2004 so far is 21-9-3. Next month: WWE Judgement Day!

Also got a tape review up for the Osaka Pro HeatWave 2000 show, main evented by an awesome JUSTICE VS L.O.V elimination ladder match! Check it out to see what I thought of the overall show.

And now, the Extreme presents: PS2 EXTREME SPORTS WEEK! That's right! I bought a ton of games while I was in KL awhile back, and from now till Friday I'll be posting one Extreme (or non-linear) sports game everyday! So here goes with the first review!

I picked this up at the bargain bin and turned out to be an OK game. Basically, you drive a beach buggy as you drive through a level performing stunts and collecting diamonds to impress the girls. Each stage requires you to collect a number of diamonds and score a certain amount of points.
The graphics are OK, nothing really outstanding and the in game carnival music might get annoying after awhile. The controls are where the game suffers a bit though. Remember, your driving a buggy, which doesn’t handle as easily as say a BMX or a dirt bike. And I’ve noticed that all three characters have the same batch of stunts other than their specials. Where’s the variety?
Another complaint I have is the degree of difficulty. For some reason, the game physics just don’t seem right. Your driving right, but the ramp your jumping is aiming left. So when you hit the ramp you buggy jumps left instead of the direction your aiming in. This makes the game harder than it should be as you’ll be stuck over and over again trying to complete one jump to get to a hard to reach diamond, and once you finally collect the diamonds, you don’t have enough time left to complete the points objective.
I might recommend this to fans who would try extreme sports games like surfing, jet-skiing etc, extreme games that are different. But if you do think about getting it, do what I did and pick it up from a bargain bin.
Graphics – 7
Sound – 5
Gameplay – 6
Lifespan – 5
Overall – 5

OK, So I couldn't start off the feature on a high note, but tomorrow: NFL STREET!!!


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