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Sunday, April 18, 2004


It's the return of Spoiling The Illusion! I've also posted my predictions for tomorrow's WWE Backlash Pay Per View, My current record for PPV predictions this year is 16-7-2. How many will I get right this time? And can the RAW roster finally put on a good pay per view?

I've also posted a tape review of Osaka Pro's 2000 Namihaya Dome show as well as adding all the new tapes to the tape list, so check it out.

Hellboy of a night
Last night me and Trish went out for the belated celebration of her birthday. First up after picking her up from work, we tried our luck and bought 4D of her birthdate. Wouldn't you know it would come out today as 4016 and I bought 0416?!?! If I bought a full set I'd be RM250 richer!
Anyways, We then headed off to the Miri Waterfront for a seafood dinner. We were there for almost two hours since it took about an hour just to wait for the food! Yup, the waterfront is a busy place, but the food was worth it.
Then we went to the Star Cineplex at Bintang Plaza to watch Super Sapiens, The Hellboy Movie. I really didn't know what to expect since I wasn't really a fan of the comic, though my brother had a few issues laying around. Maybe I should have read them to research it a bit? Either way, it was an awesome movie. Ron Perlman did an excellant job in his portrayal of Hellboy. It's good to see him finally get a good lead role after playing the heel in tons of other movies. And darn did Kroenen bare more than a slight resemblance to Voldo from Soul Calibour or what?!? I highly recommend everyone to go watch this movie!


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