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Friday, March 26, 2004

Wrestling World 2004

Was it the best puroresu show ever? My buddy TenzanTeam2K seems to think so. So after having a chance to watch it myself, I put up my own review comparing my match ratings with his. If you've read my article on how I feel about New Japan, you might know what to expect. But I'd also like to mention that I've become a bit more stern in general when it comes to rating puroresu matches now that I've watched alot of them over the past year. I used to think every match blew my mind when I first started, but now I even have to admit that not every puroresu match is five-star material compared to what WWE & TNA produce. My views mostly stem from how good the work in the match was as well as if I'd watch that match or event again later down the line.
So bear in mind the views expressed on my tape reviews are solely just my opinion, and everyone is entitled to have their own.


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