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Monday, March 15, 2004

Where It All Begins....Again

Put up a HUGE WWE WrestleMania XX report. I would have posted it earlier, but stupid ASTRO advertised the show for 9AM, and it actually started at 8AM, so I missed the first half hour of the show and had to watch the replay before I could finish a full report!
I'm still battling a bad cold, but that didn't stop me from watching the biggest annual American pro-wrestling show. The show went over four and a half hours, but still many of the undercard matches were cut short. The two world title matches seriously delivered though. Check out the full report for my thoughts.

I had a huge laugh last night. While channel surfing, I stumbled upon the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, which to my knowledge was cancelled a long time ago. Anyway, Leno's guests who included Snoop Dog, and an 87yr old party woman (I'm NOT kidding). But it was overweight comedian Ralphie May who stole the show and had me in stitches with his 'white guy acting black' routine! Even better was his Iraqi war jokes and his overall act and routine got him a standing ovation from the live crowd, and Snoop Dog was even laughing his head off and giving him props!
After Leno, I was expecting Conan O'Brien like before, but instead they aired old episodes of Saturday Night Live! I'm not sure if it's every episode up till now, but last night they were still hyping the Brad Pitt 'Fight Club' movie! The show itself was suprisingly dissapointing after all the hype I've heard of the show.

Saturday night I got really pissed off at the TPI Digital satellite TV channel as they aired WWE Smackdown, but in the one hour show they aired, they only showed the opening promo vignette and they cut straight to the main event! And even that was clipped almost straight to the end!! So what took up all the time? A Lot of advertisements and in between some stupid, STUPID self produced half-assed segments with HORRIBLE Indonesian actors thinking their big shot wrestlers! TPI Digital, it was cool when you guys aired K-1 and the UFC. Even the smaller underground vale tudo shows were done with some taste and professionalism, but your handling of WWE shows is JUST PLAIN HORRIBLE and simply UNWATCHABLE for my taste, and I'm sure many other WWE fans would agree!
So either bring back the MMA shows, or stay the hell away from pro-wrestling!


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