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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Nothing gothic about Gothika

This evening me and Trish went to the Star Cineplex to watch the Horror/Thriller flick, Gothika. This was a cool movie that really makes you think from the start why the ghost of the dead girl would posess Dr. Miranda Grey (Halle Berry) just to kill her husband, and at some points you wonder if the spirit is really trying to help her or kill her! They also use alot of simple, but effective, scare techniques (Dr.Grey turns around and the spirit is right in her face etc). Heck, the scene when Dr. Grey was trying to escape the asylum was very reminiscent to the PS2 game, Manhunt, that I was playing awhile back!
This was a really enjoyable movie, though the ending became predictable as I was able to piece everything together before the end climax. Then again, a hobby of mine also happens to be studying criminology and serial killers, so maybe it was that little bit of extra knowledge I had that spoilt it a bit for me. I highly recommend checking this movie out.

This morning I watched a MMA DVD for King of the Cage 2. I was expecting something like the UFC, but what I got was alot of quick fights. About 20 fights in 2 hours?!? The only fighters I knew in this event was Ken Shamrock, Mark Kerr and Gary Goodridge. Unfortunately, the 3 of them were only there to do guest commentary with host Don 'The Dragon' Wilson! Bas Rutten also makes an appearance as a cornerman for one of his trainees. The only actual fighter I knew that took part in a fight was John Matua, who was best remembered as the guy Tank Abbott destroyed in his UFC debut. There really isn't anything special about this DVD. Why did I buy it? It was in the bargain bin and only cost five bucks!


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