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Friday, February 13, 2004

Some Updates
It's Friday the 13th and hopefully no one has been struck by any form of bad luck.

Just watched the first half of the NWA:TNA hosted Super-X Tournament and it was just awesome! The downside is I'll have to wait till tomorrow to catch the finals of the tournament as well as th War Games match. I can't wait and will definately be setting my VCR for it!

I appologise for not posting up any puroresu tape reviews today as I haven't finished watching the New Japan Complete Collection Vol.2 tape yet. I'll try and watch it finish so I can post it as soon as I can. I'll be a bit busy tomorrow and the following week, so I won't have much time to watch finish my tapes yet. Which is not really a bad thing as I won't deplete my new Puroresu tape supply too soon.

Big post in the Extreme Puroresu blog, the latest edition of Spoiling the Illusion, My predictions for this weekend's WWE No Way Out PPV, an interesting method in predicting the IWGP World Title Tournament, and a short view on the possible demise of Major League Wrestling.


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