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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

RAW rambling and a mullet sighting

Currently watching Godzilla X Mega-Godzilla 2003. I'll put up a review later when I'm done.

I've posted my thoughts on this weeks edition of RAW. An ok show which continues to build toward WrestleManiaXX.

Went to the barber yesterday for my first haircut in five months. Had to spruce myself up a bit since I'll be attending a training course soon which wields good paying employment opportunities. I'm still hesitant about shaving off my goatee though. Wouldn't you believe while I was waiting my turn, the guy before me gets himself a mullet?!? Who says we ain't got no white thrash 'round these here parts?

I've also just started playing the excellent PC version of Halo. Which is a breath of fresh air to my PC gaming since most of the other PC games I've bought recently can't work. This is because my PC isn't strong enough to handle most of the new games that come out, like Call Of Duty (which I was really looking forward too) and Armed And Dangerous.

Watched finish Godzilla VS Mega-Godzilla already. Fun movie that once again sees the giant monster rain terror on Japan.

Movie starts in 1999 and Akane Yashiro and her laser tank team are trying to stop Godzilla's rampage. It ends in grief as the whole team is killed except Akane. Fast forward 4 years and Japan has come up with yet another plan to stop the rampaging giant. They decide to create a mechanized Godzilla over the bone structure of the original Godzilla!
The new Mecha-Godzilla is named Kiryu (don't know why) and Akane is part of the new team controlling him. And wouldn't you know when he battles Godzilla, Godzilla no-sells his attacks and suddenly the DNA in Kiryu's bone-structure would have flashback memories? Kiryu almost goes heel for awhile.
The special effects in the movie were quite good, though some scenes you could obviously tell were digital or blue screened. But I still enjoyed the monster battle scenes between the two behemoths. You could see a bit of Sumo influence...
Ending was a bit weird though. But I won't spoil if for you guys.
I recommend checking it out if your a fan of Godzilla or giant monster movies (no, you don't have to be a kid).
I rate it a 3/5.


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