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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Counting down to CNY...

Counting down to Chinese New Year while listening to SpineShank's "Self Destructive Pattern" CD.

Updated my thoughts on this past week's WWE RAW, the current NJPW contract re-signing situation and a good K-1 match I caught on TV this past monday in the Puroresu section.

Days away from the WWE Royal Rumble, should be a promising show. I wait patiently.....

Two months and two weeks in and still no NOAH tape from japantapes.com. I still wait patiently.....

Also currently playing the gorefest that is Manhunt on my PS2. Lots of blood and gore. Gets a bit repeatative, but I recommend checking it out if you ever dream of stalking someone in the dark and hacking their head off with a machete...


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