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Monday, January 26, 2004

Gettin' ready to Rumble!

Put up a huge report on the WWE Royal Rumble which was probably the best Rumble match ever despite four TV only quality matches and one bloody but unsatisfactory finish to the World Title match. Check it out in the Puroresu section!

Also, went with Trish to watch the movie Silver Hawk last night. It's kinda like Batman, billionairess dons a mask to fight crime. Accept she's not haunted by family tragedy, she just loves to fight! Great movie and I recommend it to fans of super hero movies. Lots of good fight sequences and comedy spots. One of the best bits was when the running gag of the movie became the shocker highlight near the end!

I also completed the PS2 game Manhunt and will put a review up soon. Now I'm starting on Final Fantasy X-II eventhough I never played FFX cause I never was a fan of the series. But I got a bit interested after witnessing a cosplay event in KL a few weeks back that my buddy TenzanTeam2K took part in. He got screwed out of the finals by some bad judging though.


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