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Monday, January 26, 2004

A Good Day!

What's this? Another update? Sue me, I'm having a good day!

Why? First I watched a truly incredible Royal Rumble match won by one of my all time favs, Chris Benoit.
Then my buddy, TenzanTeam2K, lets me know that the article I posted about Spanky leaving WWE was printed in the STAR newspaper today!
Feeling good, I go to town to buy myself a copy. At the same time, I collected a cash debt from a buddy of mine who paid in full with no hassle, Coolness.
Then I decide to go to the arcades to spread some wealth. After a round of Silent Scope, I look around and noticed King of Fighters 2K2 was moved to a different game cabinet. Investigating, I found they had SVC CHAOS!!! A NEW UP TO DATE GAME!!! But just before I pop my token in, I take another look around and what do I find? KING OF FIGHTERS 2003!!! AND NO ONE WAS PLAYING IT!!! GLORY HALLELUJAH!!! I then spent the next hour getting my ass whooped as I figured out how to play it. It Didn't matter though cause the Extreme Icon was in a good mood.
So happy in fact I went to the airport to suprise my girl, Trish, and give her a ride home from work. I don't do this as often as I like cause the airport is so far away. But I was in good spirits today.
And as I type this I'm watching the replay of today's Royal Rumble.
What a good day....
In the words of Ernest Miller, "SOMEBODY CALL MY MAMA!!!"


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