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Friday, February 06, 2004

Some updates and GAMERA 3!

Hey yo everyone.
I've added a tape review to the Puroresu Tapes page since I don't update that page much, All Japan's New Year's Giant Series '99. The first full Japanese Puroresu tape I ever bought and watched.
Also added a short rant in the Extreme Metal section about Revolver magazine's picks for top 20 albums of 2003.

Movie Review: GAMERA III (or Gamera 1999)

Still high on Japanese giant monster movies after watching Godzilla the other day, I decided to finally watch the Gamera III VCD I had sitting around. The movie came out in 1999, I bought it sometime last year and only now have opened the wrapping paper it came in and watched it!

Having no sense of Gamera's history, It was a bit hard to watch this movie as it was an immediate continuation of the previous two movies. We don't even see Gamera till about 25minutes into the movie! For what I can tell, there was this girl named Ayana who blames Gamera for killing her parents in a battle four years earlier. Since then she has found and cared for a giant egg she found in a cave, hoping whatever comes out of it will help her gain her revenge on our giant turtle hero.
What hatches out is a giant squid in a turtle shell. The Japanese really have a thing for girls and weird monsters with lots of tentacles...
When we finally do see Gamera, he's in the middle of a mid-air battle with two giant dragon-like monsters, from the previous films. Gamera defeats the monsters but at the same time does alot of damage to the city, which raises the question, is he REALLY the defender of mankind?
He almost stepped on a kid, but stopped to take a shot at one of the flying dragons. The kid than says Gamera saved him! Weird.
As you can probably guess, Ayana's pet squid, now named Iris, goes out of control and it's up to Gamera to stop her/it. There is ALOT of dialogue in this movie and at times I felt like forwarding to the parts that involve the monsters. But the special effects were REALLY good! Even better dare I say than the latest Godzilla installment. Gamera also showed he had some brains when battling Iris in the end.
Overall, if you can get past the slow pace of most of the human involved scenes, Gamera III is a pretty fun ride.
I Rate It: 2/5


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