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Thursday, February 12, 2004

World Japan is average at best...

Listening to the Stone Temple Pilots greatest hits CD. It's good to mellow out every now and then.

After a long hiatus, I finally got around to playing King of Colosseum on PS2 again and completed the Trial Road with both discs combined, using Shinjiro Ohtani taking the Zero-One route. I was rewarded all the hidden goodies in the game instantly being unlocked! Now I can get on with the business of simulating matches in this awesome game.

Put up my review of the World Japan 'World Strongest Tournament'. An average but Ok show. Next up will either be New Japan Complete Collection Vol.2 or NOAH Di Colloseo 4/13/03 featuring Kenta Kobashi's V1 defense of the GHC title vs Tamon Honda.

Also put up some short thoughts on the NWA:TNA hosted America's X-Cup show and a small personal note to AJPW at the Puroresu section.


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