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Monday, February 09, 2004

What a day XP

Christ, what a way to start the week!
First day of my TWI Welding Inspector's course and I find out I had accidentally signed up for the Level 3.1 (Intermidiate Level) course when I was suppose to take the Level 3.0 (Beginner's Level) course! Wouldn't you know that ment I was the only guy that had no idea what was going on or being said. At least the class was made up of grown adults and there was no one there to jeer me or point at me and go 'Ha Ha' like Nelson from the Simpsons.
Luckilly my lecturer, Mr. Rogers (huh?), said I could just continue on, and he would help me out so I could take the Level 3.0 exam instead of the 3.1. So next time I wouldn't have to take this course again and go straight for the 3.1 exam once I meet the experiance requirement. Cool. The homework assignment still gave me a big headache though.

The only real good news today was that I managed to get my Osaka Pro and NOAH tape fixed. Sent them to the video store and they changed the smashed tape casings for new ones. Only cost me six bucks too! Like I mentioned the other day, I'll put up a tape and match listing soon. I'll say this though, The Misawa/Kobashi GHC Title match truly was outstanding and much deserving of its Match Of The Year award!

I also want to congratulate Evanescence on winning two Grammy Awards today for Best New Artist and Best Hard Rock Performance (Bring Me Back To Life). Eventhough I'm not a big Metallica fan, congrats to them for winning Best Metal Performance (St. Anger). The White Stripes also won two awards, for Best Rock Song (Seven Nation Army) and Best Alternative Music Album (Elephant), the Foo Fighters won for Best Rock Album (One By One) and 'Weird' Al Yankovic won for Best Comedy Album (Poodle Hat).


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