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Monday, February 16, 2004

NEW IWGP Champion Crowned!

After being pushed to the back of the line for the past few months, New Japan's Fighting Spirit 2004 tour came to a close in dramatic fashion as Hiroyoshi Tenzan began his 2nd reign as IWGP Champion. Check out my report, and credit to Strong Style Spirit for the results.

Today is also the day of WWE SmackDown's No Way Out PPV, but I wasn't around to watch the live telecast. I'll catch the replay later and put up a report by tomorrow.

So how did my Valentine's Night went? Quite simple. Had a romantic dinner at 'Dave's Deli', cause everywhere else was booked up. Then we went to watch the movie 'Anna In Kung-Fu Land'. A really fun movie I highly recommend. Very good use of special effects for the many fight scenes, and some of the jokes and gags were real funny. The perfect kind of movie to bring a date too.


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