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Monday, March 08, 2004

Hustle! Hustle! Hustle!

I've put up the results and my thoughts on the two big weekend puroresu shows, NOAH's 3/6 Budokan show and ZERO-ONE's HUSTLE-2 3/7 show.

The other night I went to watch the movie Cold Creek Manor. One of those movies that really states the obvious from the beginning. You already know whats gonna happen and just have to sit around to wait for it to happen. This was kind of a DUD movie.

Still, there are alot of other movies I'm looking forward to this year, if you don't already know yet, Spiderman-2, Super Sapiens (The Hellboy comic based movie), Garfield (Can't wait for this one!), Van Hellsing, The Punisher, Aliens Vs Predator (Should be awesome!), and a whole lot of others I can't recall.
Also coming soon are a bunch of video game related movies, though I don't know when their coming out, Devil May Cry (from the makers of American Pie!?), Fatal Frame (By Steven Spielberg!), Alone in the Dark, Resident Evil 2, Street Fighter 2, Dead or Alive, the 3D Final Fantasy VII movie from Japan, and some more which I also can't recall at this time. Noticeably, most are based on survival horror games, which I think is great since they already have a good storyline to follow.
Feel free to let me know via comments any good movies to look out for that I have forgotten to add to the lists above.


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