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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Slow day, so I just posted some music video reviews as well as today's edition of Extreme Sports Week.

I’ll admit it. I like golf games! I wouldn’t watch it on TV, but I’d play the games. Well, not all of them. Only ones that stand out like this one!
In Outlaw Golf you play as one of a handful of over the top characters: Latin heartthrob El Suave, white rapper Ice Trey, Redneck Biker Chick Harley, Dominatrix Mistress Suki and others. You have four to select from the start and unlock the others by winning tournaments and such. And the locations you play aren’t your average courses either. You have to watch out for bizarre obstacles like overhead bridges and such! You also have a ‘composure’ meter that measures your player’s mood. Though I haven’t really noticed what it really effects in the game. You also have the option to ‘beat up’ your caddie to increase your composure.
The graphics are pretty good, but they could have touched them up a bit for the PS2 conversion. The in-game music is OK too. And then there’s the announcer who sounds funny at first, but gets repetitive really quickly.
The game does have a bit of a learning curve to it though. To beat any of the courses requires you to play a near perfect game against CPU controlled opponents, who play almost flawlessly every time! Definitely not fair, though you might get the hang of it after playing it a few (maybe more) times. You also get to play mini-games to improve the in game character’s stats.
I would definitely recommend this game to fans of golf games who want something a little different in their golf. To others, I warn that it takes a lot of patience to play this game (much like the real thing). But I’ll definitely be waiting for them to port Outlaw Golf 2!
Graphics – 7
Sound – 6
Gameplay - 6
Lifespan – 6
Overall – 7


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