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Monday, August 08, 2005


Where to begin? Thursday night me and Trish tried the new triple-cheese stuff crust pizza at Pizza Hut. It was OK, but the three different cheeses weren't actually melted together as advertised, more like seperated into 3 different sections around the pizza. And I'll still take the bread sticks over the garlic bread any day.

Friday night we went to watch latest Tsui Hark martial-arts movie, Seven Swords. This was a really cool story about seven warriors each with their own trademark sword who fight together to defend a town from a group of assasins. The action bits were really good, as you had a team of babyfaces who were legitimately better than the heels by leaps and bounds, and they kicked ass! The middle bit before the final battle was a bit boring though. Ok, maybe ALOT boring. And I didn't like how naive they made the most powerful warrior out to be, but he did manage to redeem himself in the end with a really cool fight sequence in a closed environment with the bad guy boss. Definately worth checking out!

Not much doing on Saturday as me and my mom brought my brother out to look for some clothes for the guy. The guy goes travelling, but doesn't bring any socks, sandals or enough clothes with him? Ok....
At least I manage to pick up a new pair of walking shoes for myself as well as a pair of new t-shirts. It's hard to find shirts my size that fit, so I'll usually take what I can get. I also surprisingly found a place that sold telescopic billy clubs, and cheaper and better looking than the ones I saw in KL before too! Definately going to get one when I have the chance and hopefully no one beats me to the punch.
Saturday night the family went for dinner at BBQ steamboat. Doesn't help my diet or the all you can eat buffet when I don't really eat much though. After that, my bro and I went to Boulevard where he, being unsatisfied with our DVD player at home that couldn't play all regions, took it upon himself to get a new one. It was cheap and made of plastic, but what the heck.

Sunday, me and my bro had to send the DVD player BACK, because the remote control didn't work. Problem easilly solved as it was under warranty, so after a quick test at the electrical department, we were conviced that the remote worked and made our way home where after installing the player my bro spent the rest of the afternoon watching the WWE DVDs he bought in Singapore. I'll stick to my puroresu.

Speaking of which, updated my puroresu DVD store with the new shows I received last week. Also posted my review of the new Static-X CD and some puroresu news and results. Enjoy.


Anonymous TENZAN_TEAM2K said...

Ya know, with Kung Fu Hustle showing soon in Perth, I'm hoping they'll show Seven Swords here as well. I really wanted to watch that show, but it had to come out on the week I left K.L.

8:11 PM  

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