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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


So after five days of no internet access from home, My Streamyx line finally got fixed last night and I'm able to get back to business. Not to say that the downtime hasn't been good all bad.

For example, on Saturday I played the best damn round of Outlaw Golf two ever! Finishing with a final score of -18 and the following stats:
Ace (Hole in One) = 1
Eagles (-2) = 5
Birdie (-1) = 8
Par (0) = 2
Bogie (+1) = 2 (Yeah, I got a little cocky near the end)

I also got around to watching alot of the anime and wrestling shows I've been downloading these past few months. Like the anime series Midori No Hibi, about this tough guy who has zero luck with the girls till one day he wishes for one and gets it, except it turns out to be the only girl in the world with a crush for him and she ends up as his right hand! Fun comedy. Currently trying to get past watching Grenadier, series about a big busted sharp shooting girl and her Samurai companion, and Gravion, a giant robot anime.
On the wrestling side I got around to watching some NOAH and NJPW, as well as some of the American indy shows like Day 1 of the Chikara World Tag Grand Prix 2005, featuring some interesting and comedic action from guys we'll probably never see in the big leagues like WWE or TNA. And there was one hilarious bout on the show that saw Osaka Pro's Ebessan & Billy Ken Kid VS Shirley Doe & Darkness Crabtree. For what I've noticed actually, the whole theme of Chikara seems to be based on Osaka Pro's comical style, and even the commentator acknowledged the similarities between the two promotions.

I just completed my downloading of the NOAH DESTINY 7/18/2005 Tokyo Dome show and can't wait to get to watching it. Will most probably get around to that tonight. So expect a big review of it coming soon!

That's all for now. I gotta get back to work!


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