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Friday, July 22, 2005

Four on the Floor

Went to watch the new Marvel comics based movie the Fantastic Four last night with Trish. It was pretty good, though my biggest complaint (like many over the net) was Michael Chiklis as "The Thing". Sure he has the right attitude and persona for the character, but he's just too short! The Thing is supposed to be huge compared to the rest of the Four, but he's dwarfed here by everyone else, including the Invisible Girl! I'm thinking they should have gotten the guy who played Sabertooth in X-Men to play the part of Thing after he transforms since you couldn't really tell it's him under the rock suit anyways.
The basic storyline is rather simple and almost true to the comics. Five of them go into to space, five of them get blasted with space radiation and develop super powers, how each one gets their distinguish power is never explained, one of them holds a grudge with the others and turns heel and tries to destroy them all, and good wins out in the end.
The special effects were nicely done, and I particularly enjoyed Dr. Dooms costume. I just wonder if his whole body is made of metal in the actual comic since I only know he's wearing a suit of armour there. And of course at the end of this one you get the potential sequel enducing cliffhanger. I don't think they'll jump straight back to battling Dr. Doom in the sequel, but I would rather like to see them crossover with Spiderman since they are living in the same city I believe.
Fans of the comics will of course go and check this one out. It's also definately recommended as a family flick too. The only other question I have is, why do I keep thinking Jean-Claude Van Dam everytime I look at Mr. Fantastic?


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