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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Double Revolvers

No, I didn't get myself two guns, though I wish I could, but I picked up the latest editions of Revolver magazine yesterday. And I was a bit shocked to find out that the guitarist for one of my favorite bands had passed away while on tour in April. Read more about it in the metal blog.

So what did everybody think of Live 8 2005? Yup, I didn't watch it either. I just glimpsed at it for one second and there was Bon Jovi singing his uber overplayed hit "It's My Life", I immediately switched the channel and never looked back.

Saturday night was actually so boring that I went to bed early and totally forgot about Saturday Night Live. I believe that's a new level of boredom right there when your home alone, have unlimited internet access as well as every form of digital entertainment (videos games etc.) a guy could want, but pass it all up to go to bed instead.

Friday night Trish and I spent the evening together like we always do, only she wasn't her jovial self as she felt ill that whole evening. We just sat home and watched South Park on DVD, as well as some stuff that was on TV too.
Damn we gotta find a better way to spend out weekends.


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