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Friday, June 17, 2005

From Psycho to Hero

Caught the movie "Batman Begins" last night with Trish. I had next to ZERO idea what the plot of the movie was going in other than this was how Batman got his start in the crime fighting business. It should also be noted that this movie has no relevance to the other four movies, which is probably for the best considering how the last two movies sucked and almost killed the franchise.
This movie basically explains how Bruce Wayne got his training to become the caped crusader and all the things surrounding his transformation into the Dark Knight, from where he learned his skills to how he acquired all the cool gizmos he uses. The story follows very closely to that of the current cartoon series, which is a good thing considering the way Batman Forever and Batman & Robin were more like the cheesy 70's TV show. Christian Bale who was last seen in the box-office bomb, American Psycho did a really good job of portraying Bruce Wayne/Batman in my opinion. Almost as good as Michael Keaton did.
It even took me awhile to figure out that one of the supervillians in the movie was Scarecrow, since it took awhile for them to actually mention who he was. The other villian was Ras Al G'ul (However you spell his name), and he was portrayed rather well and kinda predictable as to his true identity in the movie.
The one thing I didn't like, as with most of these big Hollywood movies, was all the quick cuts they used during the fight scenes. You know, one screen the guy is winding up a punch, then it cuts to a different angle of the punch thrown, and as quickly as you see that it switches to some guy falling on his ass, and before you could absord that image the hero is winding up again. I know it's a rather poor way to illustrate speed in an American movie, but it really wouldn't hurt to keep everything in one frame so we could see whats going on.
Christian Bale has signed on to make 3 more movies, but only as long as it's Christopher Nolan who's directing it. I would agree that Nolan is the right man for the job judging by what he did here, and it will be interesting to see how the sequel follows up. I'll particularly be looking to see how The Joker is portrayed since he was hinted as being the next villain at the end of this one. Whoever they get for that role will have some might large shoes to fill as Jack Nicholson was the best damn Joker in the movies series, and still remains my favorite villain of all the movies they made with the modern day Batman.


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