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Sunday, May 29, 2005

I Play Chicken with the Train...

After two days of snake wrangglin', I still could find the damn thing. I'm guessing it either found a way out of the house, or is really hidden well feeding on geckos under the cabinets somewhere.
Anyways, I didn't go out last night because Trish was working the evening shift. So I sat home watching TV while keeping an eye open for my slithering house guest. I watched the HBO premiere of Second Hand Lions, and it was a really good and funny movie. It's about this kid named Walter played by Haley Joel Osmond who goes to stay with his two uncles played by Robert Duvall and Michael Caine. British born Caine has probably the worst southern accent I've ever heard, but it was stil a really funny movie as they told young Walter about their adventures when they were younger, and as far fetched as they sounded, every now and then some situation would crop up and they would live up to they hype, despite their old age.
So where does the lion in the title of the movie come in to play? Well, these two old timers have a HUGE stash of money somewhere, and when Walter comes to stay with them, he manages to convince them to spend it instead of keeping it laying around. So among the crazy purchases they made included a second hand lion from a zoo that didn't want it anymore due to it's age. They had originally planned to hunt it, but the lion was too sick and old, so they let Walter look after it.
It was just an overall fun feel good movie, and if you've never watched it before, I highly recommend it.

You guys are also probably wondering about the title of this post. Well, after watching Second Hand Lions, I switched over to Jay Leno on CNBC where he was interviewing Rob and Amber of Survivor/Amazing Race fame. And after he was done with them, Leno introduced the musical guest for the evening, which was a band called Cowboy Troy. They performed the track I Play Chicken (With The Train) from their new album Loco Motive, and at first glance I was actually gonna dismiss them as another country western band, then I noticed the singer was black and he began rapping to country music! The song had a really good groove and a catchy chorus. I guess the best way to describe it is either Country Nu-Metal, or what you get if you crossed Country, Hip Hop and Nu-Metal. I highly recommend giving these guys a listen if you can, especially this killer track that will probably stick in my head for a while. It's definately a change from all the aggressive heavy metal I've been listening to.


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