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Friday, May 13, 2005

Some people...

I'm not in a very good mood right now. I've been having a rough week at work since things have been very busy with all the arrangements were are currently undertaking for the next big job project, and then there's the never ending flow of jobless people I have to meet everyday who are looking for jobs. I shouldn't be angry with them cause it's obvious most of them weren't brought up like I was, but come on! I would expect some of them with all the years of work experiance they have in their field to at least know how to follow instructions and fill out an application form and supply the required documentation to further their chances of getting the job. There's really so much more I could say about this matter, but I'm gonna hold off for now cause it just pisses me off more to think about it. Especially with what happened just now when I went to pick up Trish from work like I usually do on Fridays.
I get to the place she works and look around like I usually do waiting for her to finish her shift, when suddenly one of her colleagues remarks in a joking manner that I'm there, then she says Trish can't go yet case she has to do overtime today. The thing is, Trish's bitch-ass she-boss heard this and suddenly agrees that she can't go home and wants her to stay and helpout with the preperations for the new company branch opening soon! WTF?!? Trish would have gotten off if not for that bitch of a colleague with a big mouth! And it didn't help that the bitch-ass she-boss who's had it in for Trish for a long time now heard it and decided to keep her around.
Needless to day it ruined our evening plans. But WTF can I say about the place Trish works? Their owners are a pair of dumbasses who always do things at the last minute, never taking into account their staff's needs. I mean, they even only get 2 days off a MONTH. Which is really dumb if you ask me. Trish herself even tells me that the only reason she sticks around there is because of the pay she gets, and as soon as she finds a better paying job she's definately out of there. I personally can't wait myself.

Moving on. I've got a puroresu show review up for your reading pleasure. The NOAH "Navigate For Evolution" 4/24/2005 show where Takeshi Rikioh made his first defence of the GHC Heavyweight Title against Akitoshi Saito, and also includes a really fun and heated tag match pitting former GHC champion Kenta Kobashi teaming with rookie sensation Go Shiozaki to take on veteran Genichiro Tenryu and Jun Akiyama. Check it out and enjoy.


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