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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Wild Flowers = Fun Movie

Caught the movie Wild Flowers on ASTRO Box Office the other night. Fun Japanese movie about this guy who finds out his mother was a Japanese joshi wrestling legend after she died, and he inherits her gym and indy fed and tries to rebuild and re-establish joshi puro in Japan. And things pick up when two new recruits join the gym and become the star attractions. Lots of fun in ring and out of ring moments in this one, including appearances by joshi wrestlers such as Emi Tojo (the main heel wrestler), Teruko Kagawa and Cuty Suzuki (Funny I didn't recognise her!). The tone of the movie really mimics the real life situation of joshi puro in Japan now, in that it's a dying breed, especially with the recent closings of All Japan Women and GAEA in the last few weeks, which were the longest running joshi feds in Japan. I highly recommend watching this if you have ASTRO, or pick up the DVD or VCD if you can find it.

Caught the final episode of The Casino last night, and it really wasn't all that impressive. But what do you expect when the show isn't a contest? Matt Dusk finally gets to play in the showroom, Tommy proves himself as a worthy host, and everything seems to be going fine in the revival of the Golden Nugget. Hope they'll be a 2nd season of this reality series.

My home PC has been working alot of overtime recently since I've discovered the joys of downloading via torrents. Currently, I've just completed downloading of Galaxy Angels season 2 & 3, The Rikidozan movie, the Your Under Arrest live action series, and a whole lot of wrestling shows! Lucky for me I also have a DVD-writer to clear out my hardisc cause this stuff eats up alot of space!

Also want to give a shout out to my buddy, TenzanTeam2K, who's in Australia now and just celebrated his 20th birthday yesterday. Tanjobi Omedeto Gozaimasu, Dude!


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