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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Back in the Driver's Seat

So after two chicken feather scrubbing treatments, on Saturday morning I was feeling good enough to go to work, and everyone was surprised to see me show up. I explained to them the bizzare treatment I underwent, and surprisingly they all knew what I was talking about.
Anyways, I had lunch with Trish after work, but my diet is still limited to softer, none heatty foods, so I only had noodles. She still had some time on her lunch break, so we jetted off to Imperial Mall where I picked up the latest edition of Revolver magazine, which had a review of American Head Charge's new album "The Feeding", which they gave a 4-star rating to! Can't wait to get a copy of that CD if it ever sees the light of day here. Unfortunately, they also reviewed the latest Hed P.E. album, but only gave it a 1-star rating. Gonna have to judge that one by myself since the Hed guys have made some pretty fun albums before.
Las night, me and Trish went to watch Ms. Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous. It was a fun movie, but it was a serious step down from the original. Not to spoil it for you guys, but the main plotline was that Sandra Bullock's character sold out and went all glam since she couldn't be an undercover agent due to her popularity after taking part in the beauty pageant in the first movie. This one took place three weeks after the orignal by the way. Fun movie worth watching, but you can definately find something better to watch.

Onto the blog business. I've posted a new music video review, a PS2 game review (which I'm sure many will hate me for), and the latest puroresu results (real and fictional). And be sure to check out my VCD site, as there are a TON of new shows available, as well as a big announcement. So go enjoy!


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