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Monday, March 21, 2005

Here kittie kittie...

Don't know why, but I'm feeling really weak and tired this morning, like I'm about to drop at any minute.

Anyways, Friday night me and Trish went to the fun fair in town. We spent like twenty bucks playing the carny games and all we won was a packet of soya bean drink. Lady luck was definately not on our side that night. But I did see something that reall caught my attention. One of the prizes at one of the booths was a replica shot-gun! Almost life-sized! I so wanted to win that prize, but the odds of winning it without spending at least 50 bucks are slim to none as it was one of the prizes in a wheel of fortune type game. You paid a dollar for a token, then place it on the wheel and spin the dial and if the dial lands on the token when it stops spinning you get ONE point to trade in for a prize. The more points you get, the bigger the prize. The shotgun was 2 points, but the only way to actually win a point to place alot of bets on a single spin since there are at least 50 spots on the wheel!

Anyways, on Saturday evening, me and Trish were unexpectedly sucked into a game of hide and seek. With who? A kitten! As soon as we got back to my place, we could hear meowing in the garage, but couldn't quite figure out where it was coming from, but it was REALLY close. So after listening and looking around, it sounded like it was coming from my dad's car! I popped open the hood, and true enough, there was a little kitten crawling around the engine! I tried to catch it, but it ran out and knocked over a small flower pot as it headed to the back of the house. It then started meowing all over the place as it was calling for it's mom. Me and Trish spent some more time trying to catch it so we could get rid of it, but to no avail.
So we spent the rest of the night watching The Rundown on HBO, starring The Rock. It was ok, but kinda forgetable, like the Scorpion King. Me and Trish also gave each other back heat-rubs. And from the results, looked like we really needed it as we had alot of heat in our bodies.

Caught the premiere of 28 Days Later on Star Movies last night. I already have the DVD, but was interested to see the alternate ending that was advertised. No really big surprised at the end though, just that (SPOILER ALERT) they showed the possibility of how the movie would have ended if Jim died from the gunshot wound he received from the soldier's commanding officer before escaping the compound. They just showed Selena & Hannah wheeling him into a hospital and trying to save him on their own, but fail. They then just walk out of the hospital, leaving Jim's body there. Big whoop, huh?


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