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Monday, February 21, 2005

Weekend ramble

Friday night me and Trish went to watch the new Hong Kong movie "Seoul Raiders". This was kind of a rip-off of Charlie's Angels, only Charlie took centre stage in this one! It stars Tony Leung as Lam, a bounty hunter who gets tricked and loses some money printing plates, and he goes all the way to Korea to retrive them before they can be sold to the Korean Mafia. And in Korea, he has 3 bodacious babes working for him there, ala the Angels! Actually, there are four of them, but one of them has a very minor role.
Lam also gets help from a thief played by Hsu Chi, who I just found to be totally annoying here. I also wished they would have shown more of the Korean threesome as they barely lifted a finger throughout the entire movie save for one chase scene, and one of them getting into a fight at the beginning of the movie.
Anyways, along with the eye-candy, this movie featured some great fight scenes, and the standard fare of Hong Kong comedy bits thrown in that were just hilarious! Tony Leung's character was just so damn cool in this movie too!
I highly recommend checking out this movie, as it's a fun ride from beginning to end.

On Saturday my parents upgraded our satellite TV system. What that means is that instead of 200 channels of nothing to watch, there are now 360 channels of nothing to watch! According to the technician, the new channels with the good shows will be coming next month. Hopefully the puroresu channel will be back with it and the rest of the channels have at least something entertaining for me to watch.


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