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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Recapping the past few days

The second day of Chinese New Year was really uneventful as the only place I visited was my boss's house, but everyone was asleep when I got there! And it was 12PM too! Seeing how there wasn't anywhere else we had to go that day, me and Trish just went to McD's for lunch and ended the day there.

Friday afternoon I spent the whole day out with Trish visiting friends, both her's and mine. First it was a stop at Trish's place for lunch as well as to pick her up. After that we went to a house of a friend of her's for a bit, then we went the house of an ex-collegemate before making a last stop at my friends house. Not a bad day overall.
That evening, I was just about to go to bed after watching X2: X-Men Unlimited on Star Movies, when this rather interesting movie called May started up. It caught my interest cause this was one of those movies where the character starts off as a lonely introverted person who ends up becoming a psycho seial killer in the end.
The story is about May, a girl born with some vision problems and was teased as a kid about it. Her mom gives her a doll on her birthday, which ends up becoming her best friend that she talks too. When she grows up, she works as a vet's assistant, and make her own clothes on the side. Her life is quiet and simple till she meets the man of her dreams. Actually, she's just eyeing his hands. She starts looking at people as body parts and such, and when her relationship with the guy goes sour, she turns psycho and starts killing people for body parts to create a friend!
I highly recommend checking out this movie if you can catch it or find the DVD of it. It should also be noted that Angela Bettis who plays the part of May her was also casted as Carrie in recent TV remake of the horror classic. Her look alone matches both characters I should add!

Last night me and Trish went to check out the much hyped Keanu Reeves movie, Constantine, based on the Vertigo comic. After watching it, I could best describe it as The Exorcist, with guns I guess. Not to be bitter or anything, but I actually thought up a similar idea like this years ago while I was in school. Guy that sees and hunts demons. Overall, I thought it was pretty good, and chances for a sequel are likely based on how it ended here.

It's a bit late for it now, but I want to give a shout out to my buddy, and New Japan/Hiroshi Tanahashi fanatic, TenzanTeam2K, who yesterday departed Malaysia to further his studies in Australia. Drop me a line and keep in touch, dude!


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