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Monday, January 10, 2005

Weekend Fun

Saturday night was a bit dull. Me and Trish got a takeaway from Sugar Bun, then came home to see what was on TV. A new Japanese ghost investigation show was scheduled to debut on the Jap Sat TV channel. So to kill time before that, we watched a bit of South Park. Dunno why, but I had a hell of a laugh when Ned said, "Bring it on, Bi-yatch!" during a boxing training session. We also watched the reality show "When Good Pets Go Bad" on Star World. Good show, though I'd seen most of the clips before on other reality attack shows.
The new ghost show started at 11PM, and it was BORING. Sure it was actual ghost investigation, with actual recorded footage of ghost orbs and polaroids taken right on the spot, but it just didn't hold my interest for long and I almost dozed off a couple of times. Even Trish seemed to agree with my sentiments.

On Sunday, I spent the afternoon watching the NOAH Great Voyage 2003 show. I'll post a review soon. The two tag team main events on the show were awesome!
And that evening, I watched Osaka Wrestling Restaurant on NTV7. Fun movie about these two brothers who take over their father's restaurant after his passing, but one of them has been staying in Osaka for the pass few years, and when his brother goes to bring him back to Hong Kong, he brings him to an Osaka Pro Wrestling show, and proposes to create a wrestling gimmicked restaurant. Super Delfin, Ebessan, Kuishinbo Kamen, Tigers Mask, Miracle Man, Perro and his sidekick all made cameos on the show, and Delfin was the only one given a speaking part. Fun movie overall.
I also finaly finished playing Shadow Hearts 2: Covenant last night, and the ending was really interesting. Now I can get on to playing other games, like Price of Persia2 and Metal Gear Solid 3.

Today was a BORING day at the office, and I almost dozed off a few times too! The only highlight was picking up the PuroresuDVDSource order I helped my friend made a few months ago from the post office, and when I play tested them, the video quality was PERFECT! I'd never seen pic quality so clear before!
Speaking of puroresu, the Z-CHANNEL was finally scrambled again this morning. The last match I saw last night was an excellent Triple Crown defence by the legendary Jumbo Tsuruta against Toshiaki Kawada. I really love watching All Japan classics!

This is all I got for now. Check out the puroresu blog for the recently concluded NOAH Great Voyage show, and a few new music video reviews in the heavy metal blog. Check back soon for more stuff.


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