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Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year's Eve

Not a good way to go into New Year's Eve as I come down with a TERRIBLE stomach ache this morning! It got so bad I had to take a sick day. I'm NOT kidding and trying to take a day to skip-off New Year's Eve. I'm at home now and I took some charcoal pills (yes, as in the black wood that many use for barbecues) and the pain seems to have died down a bit. Hope it doesn't effect me enough that I can still go out with Trish tonight, and I STILL also have to fetch my parents from the airport!

Anyways, bit of a BAPE STA!! special today, as I've posted the results of the latest BAPE STA!! shows that took place this past 2 days featuring the big 6-man a-k-a Tournament, and I've posted the review up for the May 3rd show, which was really fun!
Also got a way overdue game review up for BloodRayne 2.
Check 'em out and check back for more New Year's fun!


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