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Saturday, December 11, 2004

A Fucked Up start to the weekend.

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Wow, two big F-word titled topics in a row.
Yesterday while I was on my way home from work, some bitch in a Kembara ass-fucked my car and tore it a new asshole when it totally ripped the back bumper out! Needless to say I was severly pissed about it and still am now. She of course agreed to pay for the repairs since it was ENTIRELY her fault. She claimed she didn't see me as she came out of the junction. I believe that cause seeing her in the driver's seat after the colission, her face can barely be seen over the dashboard! It also pisses me off that my car's bumper got ripped off, but her Kembara has barely a scratch on it since there was a steel grating bumper on the front of it, which was what caused all the damaged to my car and protected her's from any! This is a real fucked up way to start off the weekend after hearing of Dimebag Darrell's death yesterday.

Update on the Dimebag shooting, the four others killed in the shooting spree were a fan, a Damageplan security personal/crew member, a staff member of the venue Damagaplan were playing at, and the shooter himself who was shot dead by a cop that arrived on the scene. I spent most of my freetime yesterday digging up whatever I could all over the net about the incident. Drummer Vinnie Paul (Dimebag's brother) got away unscathed.
And for those interested, MediaBurialVideos is paying tribute to the late guitarist by posting up all three Damageplan videos, as well as three Pantera videos for download on the site. Go check 'em out.


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