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Sunday, December 05, 2004

An Incredible weekend?

Friday night me and Trish finally caught The Incredibles movie at the cineplex. This was a really great movie and I'm surprised they didn't think of making it live action flick as everything about just made sense on that level. Definately worthy of a DVD purchase when it comes out!
On that note, me and Trish had our dinner at McDonalds like we usually do on Friday. And after reading about it in the papers and since we were going to watch the movie, I bought me the Incredibles Jack-Jack handphone holder. The fun thing about this nifty little gadget is that when you receive an incoming call or SMS, the sensor in the doll picks it up and Jack-Jack will start giggling! Really cute! I recommend getting one of the fun of it since it's just RM9.90.
Next week me and Trish are gonna try to catch the new slasher flick, Tool Box, if we can. It's from the same guy that did the new Exorcist movie and looks to be in league with the Friday The 13th movies. I'm still waiting for SAW to come play though.

Last night me and Trish watched a series of real life ghost stories on the Japanese satellite TV channel. The show re-enacted real life ghost stories sent in by viewers, to which the host and a bunch of investigators made up of school kids (!) then discuss why the hauntings or encounters took place, as well as getting the opinions from a local medium. They also analyzed submitted photographs of supposed ghost pictures. Creepy, but this was a great show, and I can't wait to watch more next week. That is, if the channel isn't scrambled by then.
Speaking of which, I've caught ALOT of great matches on the Z-Channel this past week. From Triple Crown title matches to classic G-1s. Damn I wish my VCR could record off the channel!


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