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Friday, December 03, 2004

$25,000 in 30seconds

Caught the new variety show "30 Seconds to Fame" on AXN last night and thought it was a really entertaining show, with some really good acts and have even been seen on other variety shows before. And then there were those that were just plain horrible. It just proves that cheap pop comedy won't work all the time, and I'm sure those idiots from Scenario here in Malaysia would be booed off the stage just like the others on the show that thought that by doing a dumb stunt for a cheap laugh would get them anywhere. Heck, I wouldn't mind if a Malaysian company picked up on the idea and had a show like that here too. But then again, Malaysian's show alot of favouritism, so the bad acts would probably get through while the good ones get neglected.
I also thought the big woman that one on the second show was definately worthy of the win, cause the sista' had SOUL! It wouldn't surprise me if she had auditioned for American Idol before, but was passed over by those dumbass judges too.


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