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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Another December

Another December just around the corner followed by the new year. Amazing how fast time goes by sometimes.

Anyways, nothing much happening these past few days. On Friday, me and Trish were supposed to go watch The Incredibles, but they didn't have it playing at a desceant time and both of us had to work early the next morning. So instead, we just had dinner then went around window shopping.
On Saturday, again nothing much doing. Watched finish and Osaka Pro Wrestling tape I had lying around and in the evening brought Trish over to watch Monsters Inc. on the Disney Channel. I hadn't watched it before, and thought it was a bit of a dissapointment compared to all the other awesome PIXAR movies. After that, we continued our couch potatoe session by watching Kangaroo Jack on HBO. Anything with Anthony Anderson in it is guaranteed to have some big laughs, and this was no exception, eventhough the movie wasn't all that good.
After that, we caught Saturday Night Live together on it's new 11PM time slot. The special guest host was Tom Greene, the ultimate weirdo. For some reason, this guy makes me want to change the channel more than laugh at his antics, and the live audience seemed to be thinking the same thing. And I don't blame Drew Barrymore for running out on him at the end of the show either.

Anyways, for your reading pleasure, posted a PS2 game review for WWE: Smackdown VS RAW. Not the best WWE game ever, but then again, SNK is running out of ideas for King of Fighters as well. I've also posted a short review for the Osaka Pro show I watched this past weekend. And for all you puroresu fans out there, with the help of a friend of mine, I've finally been able to send out orders for some new tapes which should arrive by mid-December, so stay tuned.


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