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Friday, November 19, 2004

Dude looks like a Lady!

One thing I've noticed since I got back is how much the traffic situation has cleared up every morning and evening on my way to and from work now that the Ramadan month is over.

Anyways, this evening me and Trish went to watch the the comedy movie White Chicks, about two black FBI agents who go undercover as white chicks! This movie was hilariously funny, and I highly recommend checking it out!
Another reason you gotta see this flick is for the hilarious role played by former Battle Dome Warrior T-Money. He was unbelievably funny!

On to the blog with a lotta updates. Got a game review up for Shadow Hearts 2: Covenant, a music video review for Fear Factory, and some puroresu news. Enjoy and catch y'all later.


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