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Friday, October 29, 2004

Return of Whitey

I might be a little slow on this, but I just caught Eminem's new video, "Just Lose It" last night on the satellite TV. It was another one of his funny videos where he mocks and pokes fun at everyone he hates.
And for those of you who didn't know, the man is one hell of a hypocrite. Sure, I'll laugh when I watch is videos, and he enjoys the hell out of speaking his mind and blasting back at people who critisize him for acting black (which he is), but as soon as someone wants to make a little fun out of Mr. Slim Shady, He'll be the first in line to call the lawyers on you!
Don't think so? Remember when he mocked Moby in his video "Without Me"? Some time later at the MTV Video Music Awards, Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog from the Conan O'Brien show was a special reporter at the show, making fun of everyone, which everyone played along with. Even when he asked Moby about what Eminem said about him, Moby just laughed it off. But as soon as Triumph made his way to Eminem, Mr. Whiteboy sets the bodyguards on him to avoid any kind of embarassment.
More proof? He allowed Weird Al Yankovic to cover one of his songs, but barred him from making a mocking video. This from a guy who likes to mock others in his videos, whether it's funny or not.
And who could forget (if you knew about it anyways) his long rivalry with the Insane Clown Posse? The Juggalo duo wanted nothing to do with the guy, yet he still has to bash them, which of course led to a war of rhymes between the factions.

I'll just end this rant by saying to Eminem that all of us will continue to laugh at his videos of mockery, but he better be ready to take some as well as he can dish it out.


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