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Friday, October 15, 2004

TGIF? Not today!

Normally I'd be glad for Friday's since I would get the 1st & 3rd Saturdays off according to Govt. law. And of course I go out with Trish on Friday nights. But not today. First of all, Trish couldn't go out tonight cause her sister is visiting from Thailand, so her family was having a big get together tonight. Sure I don't have a problem with her spending time with her family, but then I receive the news this afternoon that I will have to come in to the office tomorrow cause we have to mobilize a crew to go offshore! Crap. Hopefully I can claim some overtime. And my HAGE boss owes me forty bucks on the side too.

At least I finally managed to get send out a new order for puroresu tapes from Japantapes.com today. I've had to limit what I could order recently due to budget problems, ie It finally got through my head that I can't have every show I want in one go, or face bankruptcy trying. What happened to all you guys that used to order shows from me anyway? Guess everyone is running short on cash.

ANYWAYZ, caught the movie Bet Your Life last night on AXN, which featured the Next Action Star winners Sean and Corrine. I thought it was pretty good since they did more action scenes and less talking, probably to hide any weaknesses they might have on the acting part. But everything they did in training during the Next Action Star series was put to use here. There were even cameo appearances by runners-up Jared and Jeanne! But hands down, Billy Zane stole the show! He was probably one of the most fun movie heels here that I've seen in a long time! If you missed the show yesterday, I recommend checking out the replay when it comes on just to see his performance!

I also found out the current anime series on the Japanese channel is called Scrapped Princess. Really interesting fantasy series about this girl being transported accross the country by these two really cool bodyguards, her brother a warrior, and her sister a sorcerres. The sorcerres is really cool, imagine Tendo Kasumi with magic powers and a no-BS attitude when it comes to protecting her sister! One cool scene has the heel wizard chanting the incantation for an attack spell, and she just blows him away rather then wait for the attack!
I'm still trying to figure out the rest of the story since I'm not really sure why they are transporting the princess, other than she has some purpose in either destroying or rebuilding the planet. Geez, If only I could read chinese subs better.

Also just caught part one of the NWA:TNA World X-Cup on Star World just now. The opening round of the tournament featuring the 16-man Gauntlet was just AWESOME. I was really looking forward to seeing Ryuji Hijikata, Taichi Ishikari & Mitsu Hirai Jr. from All Japan Pro Wrestling represent Team Japan here with NOSAWA, and thankfully they didn't dissapoint. Then again, the only members that were given descent match time were NOSAWA & Hijikata, since Ishikari was the first eliminated and Hirai Jr. came in during the commercial break and didn't do much before being eliminated.
I really like Hijikata. I wish they had pushed him instead of Miyamoto with the lame Great Muta-wannabe gimmick later down the line. Hijikata could definately catch on as the next Tajiri in the US if given the chance.

Onto the blog. I've posted some puroresu news, and for those who are interested, I've also posted the results of a NOAH show in the KOC2 blog and some news in the video games blog. Enjoy the weekend.


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