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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Boring first half of the week

The past few days have REALLY been boring here at work. Just sitting at my desk all day waiting for instructions from my HAGE boss. It's getting redundant. Heck, I can come in late and I'd STILL be first to reach the office!

Top it off, yesterday the puroresu satellite TV channel finally got scrambled off again after one week of fun viewing. At least I managed to watch some great matches in that one week time frame. Kobashi's GHC title defence against Bison Smith, New Japan's 5/2/02 Tokyo Dome Show, A six woman AJW Cage Death Match with some insane bumps, Fun moments from the first few months of NOAH, including Sterness goofing around at a holiday resort and Misawa losing miserably to a bunch of kids at Rock, Paper, Scissors! And a ton of All Japan Classics. Heck, the last match I watched was a young Takeshi Morishima VS Giant Kamala, and that was tons more fun than anything I saw on RAW last week.

The Japanese channel is still working though. Caught the series finale of Chrno Crusade. I wished I could have seen the entire series so that I would understand the ending better. Currently showing another fantasy based anime series.

On to business. Lots of wrestling stuff posted including Spoiling The Illusion and some news. Also finally got a new game review up. Check 'em out and catch ya later.


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