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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Bourne to be wild

Went to watch the highly anticipated movie, The Bourne Supremacy, with Trish last night. Definately a good follow up to the original, though had more cloak and dagger stuff as compared to the original. Still, really enjoyable with some great chase and action sequences.

After sending Trish home, I got back just in time to catch Saturday Night Live hosted this week by my pick for celebrity babe of the year, Lindsay Lohan! They did a fun Harry Potter spoof where Lindsay played Harmione (dunno if that's the correct spelling of the name), and she got to put her "assets" to good comedic effect! They also did a segment called Debbie Downer, where they actually botched their lines, and almost lost it cause they all wanted to laugh! Great show, and I'll be catching the replay later tonight!

Speaking of tonight, I also just watched the premiere of Carnivale on HBO. Really interesting series about travelling freak show that gets involved in the battle between good and evil when they pick up a runaway convict who has the ability to heal and bring back the dead! Meanwhile, elsewhere on the planet a preacher comes in contact with all range of bizarre occurances. Can't wait for the next episode!

Right now, I've posted the results of NJPW's big Sumo Hall results from yesterday. It was said to be an interesting show, but took too much of a sports entertainment route toward the end. Also have an update up in the KOC page. Enjoy and catch y'all later.


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