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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Enjoy it while it lasts

The puroresu Z-Channel and the Jap satellite TV channel are back on again, and I hope it'll be on for a while before getting scrambled again.

Yesterday was a bit of a boring weekend day. Spent the day playing the PS2 game Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne game, which is pretty good. Expect a review soon, along with Shadow Hearts 2: Covenant which I gave a spin to today and also find it rather interesting.

Last night wasn't much more interesting either. Me and Trish already saw a movie on Friday night, so rather then bust sixteen bucks on another movie, we just went home and watched some free movies on ASTRO, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Ice Age on Star Movies. We already saw these movies before, but was still fun to watch again.

After I sent Trish home, I watched the midnight airing of Satuday Night Live on CNBC, and they had one of the most funniest skits I'd ever seen! The scene being set in an Italian vineyard and the "cork soaking" (get it?) process being explained to a group of tourist. You can probably guess they had all kinds of "cork soaking" jokes and it really cracked me up! it was just hilarious they way they got away with it, and guest star Janet Jackson botched her lines cause she was trying not to laugh herself! Or maybe she was a little embarassed at the lines she was given?

Right now, I'm watching Phone Booth on Star Movies, which is really interesting, given my interests in snipers and spree killers.

I've also posted a new puroresu tape review. It's of a NOAH show I've had laying around for a while now, and have only managed to get around to watching it today.

That's all for now. Enjoy.


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