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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Colosseum Goodness

Last night me, Trish and her twin sister went to watch the Thai horror flick, The Sisters at the Star Cineplex. This was a big Ju-On rip-off, and it isn't even scary anymore after the opening moments. Basically this band rent a room at a hotel while waiting for their gig, and the room is hauted by the ghost of a girl who was murdered and decapitated there. The ghost than follows them around and kills them off one by one. Supposedly this is based on a true story.
If you haven't checked yet, my WWE Unforgiven PPV report is up also. My predictions for the show are 3-3-1, with a shocking surprise at the end of the PPV when HHH actually won the title for the 9th time. The PPV was OK, and I thought they did a decent job of following it up on RAW last night with the surprise return of Shelton Benjamin, and Benoit coming out also shows he's still in the World Title hunt.

Received a bunch of goodies in the mail today. First, my AJPW and Dragon's Gate tapes that I ordered from Japantapes.com finally arrived. Then, the mailman came again with a poslaju delivery, that being a copy of King of Colosseum 2 my buddy TenzanTeam2K sent me together with an order for Puroresu VCDs. Thanks alot, pal! Now I'm the FIRST in Miri with the game! Expect a review soon.

And for those who are interested, posted a quick puroresu tape review of All Japan's October Giant Series 1998 featuring an excellent Misawa/Kobashi Triple Crown match, and a review for Saliva's new video,"Survival of the Sickest".


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