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Thursday, September 09, 2004

G-1 Done, Next stop, Tokyo Dome!

I know I was supposed to post the review for the final volume of the 2003 New Japan G-1 CLIMAX on monday, but I was distracted by my NOAH Departure Tokyo Dome tape that arrived and I spent the night watching the whole event in one sitting! And it was a heck of a show to boot!
I couldn't get it done on Tuesday either cause I was busy with work, so much in fact that I had to bring it home to finish.
When I finally got around to it yesterday, for some reason (technical difficulties), I couldn't post anything to the blog! So I only finally managed to get it done this morning. Along with posting my review of the G-1, I also added a short article on what I thought of the twelve wrestlers who participated in it (Yes, TT2K, I bashed Tanahashi and praised Takayama!).
Next stop, watch out for my NOAH Tokyo Dome show review, and the re-opening of my VCD site in all new splendor.


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