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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Lotsa Stuff

Here I am sitting in the office with nothing to do since the bosses are all out. And since the office is using a Streamyx line, I have almost unlimited internet access. Long story short, I'm BORED and decided to blog to pass the time.

First up, the Updates. Posted some news in the Puroresu section, a revew of Day 1 of the 2003 New Japan G-1 Climax, which was an excellent show, and a music video review for Annihilator's "All For You" video. Check 'em out.
Also mailed out my order for NOAH's DEPARTURE Tokyo Dome show and New Japan's 2002 Cross Road show featuring various NJPW VS NOAH Jrs matches. Am ordering them from GoldenBoyTapes and should expect to receive them in about 3 weeks. Rob Hunter of GBT also says in his newsletter to expect the biggest tape update ever some time this week. Should be interesting to see what he gets.

Went to watch the movie "Mean Girls" with Trish last night. Was a pretty fun teen movie, and I never noticed it when she did all those AXN ads, but Lindsay Lohan is quite a babe! Fun movie to bring a date to. We were originally gonna go for "all you can eat" Japanese food at Nikko, but it wasn't in our budget. We decided to go cheap and try the chicken terriyaki promotion at Bintang Food Court, but the bugger was out of rice! WTF? So we had a simple dinner and caught the movie instead.

When I got back, I watched hour 3 or the G-1 Climax and probably the worse episode of WWE RAW in recent weeks. Read my thoughts on why in the puroresu blog. And a review of Day 2 of the 2K3 G-1 is coming soon.

Being the gun-nut that I am, I've also watched the Michael Moore documentary "Bowling for Columbine". But I'll save a review of that one for later.


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