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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

To good to last.

Just when I thought I had all the puroresu I can handle, it gets yanked out from under me! The Z Channel is gone again! Just as I finally get it back, they decide to convert to a freakin' pay channel! This is SO not fair, and I squarely put the blame on the bastard who originally tuned the Satellite TV decoder before, as the channel was always there but the dork didn't know how to tune into it until the other new guy did it on the first shot last week! Need a new smart card my ass! I just missed a whole year of FREE puroresu because of that idiot! 
Now for some good news, as my King of Fighters record just keeps getting better! Fought and defeated another rival today, not once, but THREE times! Much to the surprise of myself I even beat the mega-cheap team of Orochi Yashiro, Chris and K9999 with varitable ease thanks to Chang KoeHan's power and Ramon's speed! Now my only obstacle to beat is the cheap combo tactics of Takuma Sakazaki, but I'm confident it won't be long before I crack his armour. It's also pretty obvious I struck a nerve with the other players as they use characters with cheap tactics and trap combos to try to get rid of me. Guess what boys? I'm gonna take you guys on whenever I see you just to prove that using cheap combos and tactics won't always get the job done!
I also went to watch the new King Arthur movie with Trish. This movie was supposedly based on evidence that the legend of King Arthur may have started much earlier during the Roman empire and that Arthur was a Roman legionnaire. The movie itself was pretty good and straight to the point. I liked this different take on the story and I'm sure a few of the plot twists will surprise more than a few of you if you know the stories previously told about Arthur and the Nights of the Round Table. Merlin as leader of a troup of renegades? Guinevere as an amazon? Yup. Definately a different take! Heck, even the Saxon chief was a cool heel. He was even smart enough to kill everyone in every village he plundered so no one could seek revenge on him in the future! And the ending battle of the movie is sure to please fans of the big battles from the Lord Of The Rings movies. Definately go watch this movie!


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