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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The Blue Moon cometh

Remember how I said it's usually once in a blue moon that I get a great idea for an article to write? Well, the blue moon have cometh and I had an idea so good that I split it into TWO articles! The article in question being the question of who will be the man to beat Kenta Kobashi for the GHC Heavyweight Championship? I decided to split the article into two parts, first is a look at the nine men who tried and failed, but could possibilly have a second chance. Part two will be a look at who a few guys Kobashi hasn't faced yet that I think could do the job, and at the same time help establish some new stars.

That's not all, I've also posted my review of the big NOAH 4/25/2004 where Kobashi defends the Global Honour Crown against Takayama! Check out my short review on the awesome show!

Now I'd like to announce a small change to the blog. I won't be doing the RAW report anymore due to the limited time I have now. And lets face it, you can get far better and up to date reviews on various other web-sites on the net. I'll still continue the PPV reports when I can, as well as my Spoiling the Illusion column and any other news I feel worth mentioning from the pro-wrestling world.

Now go enjoy the good stuff!


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