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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good
I finally got my (almost) 24 Puroresu channel back on the satellite TV!!! The Z Channel is back! Now I can watch Puroresu all day (except after midnight). BUT..
The Bad
... I have to go back to work at the office starting TOMORROW!!! So I can only enjoy my non-stop puroresu in the evenings. Crap. No more late nights either, so I'm gonna miss some of my fav shows on TV like The Shield, Zoe Busek: Wildcard and John Doe.
The Ugly
Watched Around The World in 80 Days with Trish just now. It sucked big time and the only thing that kept my interest was keeping an eye open for the special guest cameos. The best adaptation of this story is still the TV series that starred Pierce Brosnan.

Something I can also add to the good would most definately be the NOAH Encountering Navigation 2004 tape I received and watched yesterday! This was the big 4/25/04 Nippon Budokan event that saw Kenta Kobashi defend the GHC Heavyweight title against Yoshihiro Takayama in an awesome contest! Also an amazing GHC tag title match with Misawa & Ogawa defending against GHC Jr tag champs KENTA & Marufuji. I'll ad it to the VCD site soon as well as a review in the blog.


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