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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Get Punished!

I skipped WWE RAW last night to go watch the new Punisher movie with Trish. After reading the show reports on the net, I don't think I missed much other than an awesome main event. I'll try to catch the replay tonight and put my thouhgts up later.

Watching The Punisher last night was kinda of a mixed bag. I liked the way everything was put together, with a killer plotline and such. But there were some things I didn't like or made no sense to me. Kinda 'spoiling the illusion' you would say. Whether or not it followed the actual comic storyline is beyond me since I never read the comic on how it all got started. I won't mention the holes in the story, but watch it yourself and tell me what you think.
One thing that left a bad taste in everyone's mouth was when the sound went off for an ENTIRE segment! And wouldn't you know it would be where Frank Castle faces off with the big Russian hitman played by Kevin Nash! Weird that Nash's part would be the comedy match of the show, and with his haircut and clean shaven face, he looked freakingly similiar to John 'Bradshaw' Leyfield! Everyone was shouting "REWIND" when they finally got the sound working, but the Cineplex crew never complied. I'm definately gonna get the DVD to watch this again as there were also alot of spots that was edited (censored) out. And it's not just harsh language was that left out.
Overall, this is a great movie, though I don't think I would agree with it being the best comic book adaptation as some critics have praised it. One thing I will say is that it did seem at times like I was watching a pilot for a TV series instead of a big budget Hollywood action flick. Definately better than the 1989 movie that starred Dolph Lundgren, but then again I can't remember much of that one to really compare the two.


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