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Monday, May 31, 2004

Made the 'Papers again!

Once again the Evil Influence of Extreme is spread accross Malaysia as another of my many literary arts was published in the STAR newspaper today. OK, so it was just another letter published in the Grunt 'n' Groan wrestling section. It was my WWE Pond Water rant against Jim Ross. Unfortunately Dwayne saw fit to edit and cut out alot of the content to save space for some lame-ass newbie WWE fan's letter. He didn't even print my e-mail address so I can get fan (or hate) mail from my loyal readers. Geez. Anyways, you can find the original uncut version of my article in the archives section of my puroresu blog.

Now I got to go rack my brain as I toil to decide what puroresu tapes to order next...


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