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Monday, May 17, 2004

Passing Judgement on WWE

Posted my WWE Judgment Day pay per view results. It was an OK show despite the poor (and in some cases, cheesy) build up. Lets all hope SmackDown gets back on track in the following weeks. My predictions for the show are 6-2-0, bringing my PPV total to 27-11-3.

Watched the Survivor final on Friday night and I wasn't suprised that enough members of the jury hated Boston Rob enough to give the million dollars to Amber. What suprised me was when Boston Rob proposed to Amber before the results were read! I guess he wins either way. Now theres the added twist that the fans get to vote for a second winner, which should be interesting since it's open to all the Survivor All Stars to pick from.
And on Jay Leno last night, Boston Rob and Amber were among the guests on the show and they pointed out how despite their marriage plans, there's a Survivor rule that states they aren't allowed to split the one million, though Rob does get a $250,000 2nd prize. The only other rule in Survivor is that they aren't allowed to physically assault each other during their time on the island.
The two also pointed out how the attraction between them came about and that they never really trusted each other till AFTER the series was over! And with regards to who the fans will vote the 2nd million to, they said they really have no favorites to get the money other than themselves! Heh.

I spent the the afternoon yesterday with Trish at the Miri Crocodile Farm. Weird place for a date, huh? Actually, we're running out of places to go since Miri is a small town. And since we don't get out in the sun much, we thought why not? They had a new enclosure for the sun bears and look to be expanding more soon. We'll probably go back in a few months if we really get bored again.

Last night my neighbour's crazy kid (WWE would refer to it as 'special') escaped when no one was looking, and as he climbed the gate, the whole darn thing collapsed! He may have hurt himself, but like a crackhead high on his fix, he shrugged it off and made a run for it. Why my neighbours never had him commited in the first place is beyond me.


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