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Monday, May 03, 2004

Four Days of Head Pain

Sounds like a good movie title doesn't it? Unfortunately, that's what I had to endure for the past few days. ALOT of boredom or the feeling of just being fed-up with everything. At least I made some money on the side with my VCD sales, the proceeds of course going into getting more puroresu tapes from overseas.

I'm sick and tired of housesitting all the time because of all the dumb renovations to the house my parents (actually my mom's idea) are making, which I feel are unnescessary. If it ain't broke, why fix it? It's bad enough they spend alot of money to fix up the garden with all kinds of ridiculously easy to die plants, but they expect me to look after them when they go of town for business! A green thumb I do not have as no matter how much freakin' water I pour on 'em, they end up wilted anyways! Why can't my mom get something that doesn't die so easily like a cactus or something?!?
I hate when my afternoon plans are disrupted cause I have to keep an eye on the damn workers as they do their work and make sure they don't steal anything. I was seriously pissed on Friday when I had to rush home from an appointment in town 'cause the stupid workers came in to work last minute on a PUBLIC HOLIDAY!?!

Yesterday I had to meet a 'friend' of mine who really annoys me so much I changed his name to 'Annoying' in my handphone list. Get this through your thick head @$$hole! When I say I'll be there, I'll be there right on time! No sooner, no later! Don't expect me to just pop out of thin air and appear in front of you cause you got there an hour early and can't wait for me to get there! I have a schedule to follow, and if you can't work with it, then BUGGER OFF! It also wouldn't hurt for you to spare a few braincells to read the tracklist I've provided before asking me supid questions.

At least last night I got to catch one of my all time favorite movies on HBO, Falling Down starring Michael Douglas. I just love this movie about a guy who just LOSES IT and goes ballistic on all the common problems in society. I can tell this movie was well researched as all the info I've studied about spree killers or guys who snap due to pressure or frustration was depicted well in this movie.

Remember that crack I made about Japantapes closing down when the guy planned to move awhile back and with all the delays to re-opening the site? Well, Japantapes is indeed now CLOSED INDEFINATELY due to the guy's continued computer problems! Guess I'll have to take my business elsewhere for the time being. Even Triplecrowntapes who hasn't updated their site in almost NINE MONTHS is still taking orders even though they don't have any new shows!

I spent most of the today finishing up a VCD order, and when I was done and finally thought I could go take a nap and rest myself before going out tonight, suprise, suprise! the stupid contractor has to come and continue work in the kitchen! Today is a public holiday! Aren't you suppose to be off or something?!?

At least today ended on a good note. Me and Trish finally had some time to go out together. We had planned on going to Pizza Hut, but the place was full, so we just went to Mickey D's. That's McDonald's for you out there who aren't 'hip'. We then went to watch the new Angelina Jolie movie, 'Taking Lives'. I like movies about serial killers, and this was ok though the ending almost became a dissapointment. We originally wanted to watch the Johnny Depp movie, 'Secret Window', but it was playing too late.

Today was also the day of New Japan's big NEXESS Tokyo Dome show. I'll post the results later. I was pretty happy with the way things turned out, except for the result of one match, which I'll get into when I post the results.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna watch an Exorcism in Indonesia in one of the satellite TV channels. Don't know if it's real, but should be interesting.


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